Via this tab disabilities can be added and Legal Status changes that are not associated with, Identity. This section provides a framework for the best practice and the skills required to achieve case records which are accessible and professional and suitable to be used in evidence as required. All paper documentation received regarding a child/young person must be uploaded to the Protocol record. 68. These include the series of Scales and Questionnaires and others developed for gathering and for facilitating the organisation and analysis of information for assessment and therapeutic purposes; Where assessment tools have been completed on a separate document they must be scanned and attached to the child’s Protocol record. Read this fantastic article to explore the key characteristics of effective learning and find out what you should actually be looking for when observing a child's learning. Recording is an important task, not just for the Children and Family's Services but for the child and their family or carer, even when what you are writing does not directly involve them. CASE inspired and supported me in developing, establishing and expanding an alumni relations programme at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory which has grown threefold in the last decade. If arrangement has started then CAAS to be notified immediately. case report form: EBM (1) A printed, optical or electronic document designed to record all of the protocol-required information to be reported to the sponsor for each subject/patient in a clinical trial. In the current age of technology, redundancy processes, terabytes, gigabytes and duplicate copies of information, record management is a mundane yet critical practice all organizations should have nailed down. Quality recording will assist employees in the following ways: All recording must be finalised within three working days of the event, unless a specific endorsed procedure includes a different timescale. Recording is intended to be a dynamic tool to support and promote good practice, decision-making and outcomes and to demonstrate activity and accountability through the following: Case records must comply with and reflect the following: It is unlawful for a person, on racial grounds to treat another person less favourably than he treats or would treat other persons. Active use of NARRATES within Protocol will make it more likely that the significance of the information will be understood and used to promote good outcomes; A set of data requirements to contribute both to individual case planning and the information required to plan and deliver children’s services. To eliminate unlawful racial discrimination. Protocol is a web-based IT system which has been designed to support the Department to record and manage the volume and complexity of information collected in the course of work with children and families. The language and actions reflect respect and consideration for each individual and for diversity and difference regardless of circumstance. Neutrality 7. Maintaining data files is becoming the bread and butter of good business decision-making. Consistency 6. However a high level of skill and versatility is needed to reflect the complexity of the work with children and their families. RECORD & REPORT(RECORDING & REPORTING) Ram Sharan Mehta, Ph.D. 1 2. This will provide focus and is a requirement of the Climbie report 2003 (Recommendation 34); Key topics, themes and decisions clearly identified. 1 working day if a significant risk is identified, Team Secretaries, Independent Reviewing Officers and Conference Minute Takers, It is essential to regard recording as part of the real job, Individual record for each child or young person, Fact differentiated from professional opinion, Definition of a Case Record in Children and Families, Recording Requirements in Children and Family Service, Protocol and the Integrated Children's System (ICS), Roles and Responsibilities in Case Recording, Records of Service Users who are also Employees, Summary of Best Practice in Case Recording, Responsibilities and Timescales for Completing Templates on the Integrated Children's System, Appendix 1: Responsibilities to Complete Templates in Protocol, Isle of Man Safeguarding Children Board (SCB) Inter Agency Child Protection Procedures, Principles of Case Recording Procedure, Isle of Man Safeguarding Children Board (SCB) website - Information Sharing, NARRATES Professional Operational Guidance (April 2016), Click here for more information about Genograms, Click here to view Appendix 1: Responsibilities to Complete Templates in Protocol. The Compact Cassette or Musicassette (MC), also commonly called the tape cassette, cassette tape, audio cassette, or simply tape or cassette, is an analog magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback.It was developed by Philips in Hasselt, Belgium, and introduced in September 1963. There will be occasions when information about service users is requested by other local authorities. If key documents are received such as a specialist assessment; a Case Note must be created on Protocol to note the existence of the uploaded document. Providing documentary evidence of the authority's involvement with individual service users; Providing information to assist with analysis, service/care planning and reviews and evaluation; Documenting services provided to individual service users; Allowing continuity when workers change or are absent; Providing information when dealing with investigations or complaints; Supporting supervision with employees development; Providing service users with a complete record of their care and in some circumstances, for Looked After Children, their whole childhood. This means that electronic records must be password protected. The key principles that underpin good record keeping are: A chronology is a sequential list of events (including positive changes and achievements) with dates, recording all significant changes in a child or young person's life. Selective access rights will be set up to such records on Protocol. interview and observation go hand-in-hand. • Recording format standards are complied with. The first and main point of reference for those who wish to find information (e.g. Comparability 5. A Team Manager has agreed and countersigned the record outlining this assessment; routinely this will be located on the. The child's social worker will need to take care that they do not record any identifiable details about the prospective adopters being considered for a child until a match is agreed. All staff should ensure that they log out of Care Director when not actively inputting or away from their desks. Corning Community College provides a fine illustration of a local government that has an effective records storage program. Plain English without colloquial language, jargon and with acronyms explained; Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation; Positive changes in families are acknowledged; Services continue to be directed at those in greatest need; The information on the Team’s workload is kept accurate. If this does not happen it suggests that no work has been undertaken with the child or that the child has not been an active partner in any work. A chronology should cover events that will be of specific interest to a child or young person in later years. The case work relationship contains elements of acceptance, expectation, support and stimulation. In each supervision session, or at other appropriate times, Team Managers must consider the caseload of their workers to identify if any cases must be closed in line with the first bullet points at, If cases for closure are identified the Case Closure process on. In such cases access will be restricted to Social Worker, the Team Manager and Assistant Team Managers, the Adoption Team Manager, Post Adoption Worker and the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO). The social worker would also need to take care that the adopters Care Director records are restricted and do not reflect their whereabouts. The information should be available to the public to promote the public interest; and. Includes a Chronology of significant events which clarifies the pattern of life for the child over time. Does this record overall reflect the work of an accountable professional using sound professional judgment? The factors contributing to need and risk; The decisions made with evidence and reasons? This document is only valid 72 hours after printing, [1] The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report (2011), [2] Framework for the inspection of local authority arrangements for the protection of children (April, 2012), Care must be taken when recording to ensure that confidentiality and the principles within the General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018 are taken into account, When emailing or faxing information about service users, You can't tell the difference between fact and professional judgements, The record is not used as a tool for analysis, Appendix 1: Recording Successfully - Avoiding the Pitfalls, Framework Assessment/Observation/Activity, Within one working day before Meeting to Chair and Family, 5 working days before meeting to Chair and family, Review CPC Report- Decisions and Recommendations, Within 10 working days of becoming Looked After, The decision/recommendations to be completed within 5 working days and for the full record of the meeting to be completed within 15 working days, CYP LAC Review Chairs Monitoring Information, Record of Meeting to include actions agreed, Within 3 working days of LPM being convened, Copy of signed Pre-Proceedings letter to be uploaded within 1 working day of the letter being sent to parents and carers, Signed Letter of intent to issue to be uploaded on file within 1 working day of the letter being sent out to parents/carers, To be recorded on Care Director within 24 hours. If a NARRATES is required this outcome must be selected from the Referral and the starting a NARRATES task sent to the Initial Response Team’s Tray. Completed audit forms will be stored as an attachment on Care Director but a Case Note will be entered by the auditor to state that an audit has taken place, the type of audit, who undertook it and the date that it was undertaken. If this happens, the date, circumstances and who altered it must be transparent. Magnetic tape is a medium for magnetic recording, made of a thin, magnetizable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic film.It was developed in Germany in 1928, based on magnetic wire recording.Devices that record and playback audio and video using magnetic tape are tape recorders and video tape recorders respectively. Use of recording tools. The critical thinking involved in analysis enables you to move beyond a list of issues to examine the interaction between them, any cumulative effect and the protective factors and determine the risks and needs to be addressed; Decision - making process and accountability. Direct communication with and/or observation of the child, whether this was alone and his or her wishes, feelings and views must be recorded prominently. If due to capacity further file/s are required, the allocated Social Worker is responsible for ensuring that the Protocol record is amended to reflect the relevant end date of the current file (via the ‘Update Record’ link) and open a record for the new file (via the ‘New Record’ link) with the correct start date and location. Each child must have his or her own electronic case record from the point of referral to case closure. Adoption records will be restricted at the point when a child is matched with their prospective adopters to prevent inappropriate links being made between the child's birth and adoptive families. Genograms, Ecomaps and assessment tools in specific situations are encouraged to aid practice and recording. This paper is based on a qualitative case study performed at four different organizations in Sweden. The larger the record the more difficult it is to locate key information and identify patterns within the child's life. can be uploaded onto the file. Use this tool to consider your recording practice . Qualitative research method case study Let’s take the example of a bookstore owner who is looking for ways to improve their sales and customer outreach. A device that stores computer data on magnetic tape is known as a … The decision to restrict a record will be made by the Head of Service although in the Child Protection and Assessment Team this responsibility may be proactively delegated to the Duty Manager. Important interactions and insights may be revealed in work sessions that must be recorded to contribute to understanding of the child’s views and to planning. The Children and Families Management Team (CFLT) will review this policy every six months unless changes in legislation determine otherwise. The templates are arranged below to reflect the titles and listing used on the ICS System. Conservatism 11. Understandability 4. Within 7 working days of notification. There must be a consistent approach to all recording and records should be: Record keeping is key to providing integrated services to children, and their families and carers. In non-adoption cases case files will be restricted to the caseworker, their team manager and their senior practitioner (if the caseworker is supervised by the senior practitioner) and the IRO (if the child/young person is a looked after child). The framework is to be used pro-actively to record, retrieve and use information to inform practice and decision-making in the child’s interests and as a means to achieve the best outcomes possible. It is important to observe a child's body language as children communicate through their actions as well as words. [2] Framework for the inspection of local authority arrangements for the protection of children (April, 2012). Use the sections of the case notes to help you by recording the facts in the detailed notes section, put your professional judgements and analysis (see below) of the situation in the analysis section and then note any actions in the actions section. Cross reference rather than duplicate. $10.68 $ 10. Is there evidence of supervision and management oversight? Since the respondents are in a comfortable environment, the characteristics observed are natural and effective. This will primarily hold all ICS documentation, demographic information and running Case Notes. It is important to maintain a clear focus in your recording. (2) A record of clinical study observations and other information that … Case recording is, and has always been, an integral tool of professional accountable practice. It will both demonstrate and promote the process of analytical and critical thinking, partnership working and inclusive practice and it will show the constructive use of organisational systems. To what extent is your recording: Level (1 = Low, 5 = High) Comments Ethical ... Cumbria County Council (2015) Case Recording Standards [Accessible on line at . Characteristics associated with use cases are: Organizing functional requirements; Modeling the goals of system user interactions; Recording scenarios from trigger events to ultimate goals Recording must not be seen as an optional addition to practice or an end in itself or merely as “form filling”. Audio, video and digital records may also be kept. It may be Any actions arising from the audit will also be noted. The Integrated Children’s System is a framework to support practitioners and managers in the key tasks. Characteristics of a user-friendly eDRMS that you should look for include, an interface that is consistent across all windows, menus, functions and commands. A record is not normally altered once completed but where necessary must be changed to a) correct significant inaccurate facts which may affect decision-making or b) remove entries which are clearly inappropriate such as discriminatory language or defamatory remarks about colleagues. For example “When J and I met we discussed her next visit home. 2020 May 12;323(18):1775-1776. doi: 10.1001/jama.2020.4683. The characteristics are: 1. The Post Adoption Team will open a new restricted record for the adopted child and their adoptive family and offer support. The record provides a clear, comprehensive and value based account of all aspects of the work done with children and decision-making. The policy states that an additional red paper file should be opened to record any information regarding the family finding and adoption process. Risks. Is the record in the right formats and maintained securely? Within 2 working days of other decisions being made, Within 3 working days of the Pre-Proceedings meeting being held, Social Work Evidence - Statement and Care Plan, Within 2 working days of receipt to be placed on Care Director, Within 3 working days of Receipt to be placed on Care Director. It is better to record as you go along because keeping information in your head to be recorded later may result in crucial information being lost. Gathering, organising and analysing key information to inform decision making and planning; Reflecting upon and analysing information in order to develop and adjust plans; Demonstrating openness with service users and evidencing their views and involvement; Maintaining accountability within the organisation; Transferring information to other agencies. Staff must only access service user records appropriate to their allocated caseload and/or work or management responsibilities. Just showing the use case diagram in UML notation is not enough. The assumption is therefore that data collected are more objective than are perceptions. Which partner professionals are involved and how they can be contacted. ADVERTISEMENTS: The following points highlight the top eleven characteristics of accounting information. Service users are encouraged to access their personal records and are supported in understanding the content, correcting errors or omissions and recording of any disagreement. Information completed on paper such as information from service providers, letters and specialist reports will be uploaded to the Protocol electronic record. Case definition, in epidemiology, set of criteria used in making a decision as to whether an individual has a disease or health event of interest. Protocol is the database which contains essential information and ongoing records about a child and their family. A way to clarify what is a genuine outcome is to think of it in terms of the child’s welfare rather than a professional intervention. To ensure that case records are maintained according to this policy, procedure and guidance including all essential family and household information and all aspects of management from referral to closure; to record decisions they make with intended outcomes and the reasons behind them; to record details of discussions and actions agreed with partner agencies, including the Police; to authorise NARRATES and plans and other templates on Protocol; to complete ‘file fit for purpose’ audits on Protocol; to monitor all cases for which they are responsible in supervision to ensure cases are being actively managed and recording is being maintained; Senior Team Manager (IRT) and Head of Statutory Social Work Services: To ensure that discussions and decisions they make are recorded on the child’s record with reasons. This is the point at which the care plan for adoption is agreed. An outcome is not a decision or an action or a service, say for example after a NARRATES is completed and an outcome for next steps is chosen. Inclusive practice. Characteristics of good recording checklist . Sources of information stated; Concise but sufficient to ensure and evidence sound decision-making; Reasons for contacts with families specified and key topics/issues identified; Focused on the child or young person and reflects their ‘voice’; Clearly identifying risk, protective factors, need and impact in all decisions; Reflecting views and issues for parents/carers while not losing sight of the child’s needs; Analytical and shows critical thinking leading to decision-making; Accountability for decisions and actions; Joined up and demonstrated partnership working. They are designed to promote and support safe, effective and reflective practice and decision-making informed by sound evidence. The child's social worker will continue to record discussions (case notes and attachments (e.g. Managers are responsible for ensuring that their staff adhere to the policy. formats with guidance) for Contact, Referral and Information, NARRATES, including. This policy should be read in conjunction with the following Policies and Procedures: In the Munro Review of Child Protection [1], Recommendation 31 says that Ofsted's "new inspection framework should examine the child's journey from needing to receiving help, explore how the rights, wishes, feelings and experiences of children and young people inform and shape the provision of services, and look at the effectiveness of the help provided to children, young people and their families." The read/write characteristics of electroless-plated perpendicular magnetic recording media for flexible disks were studied using commercial VHS and 8-mm VTR ring heads. Where possible, children and their families/carers wishes and views (including issues around consent) must be noted and it should be evident that they were actively engaged during the activity. Find us on Facebook. It is recorded automatically in electronic formats. The date and person responsible will automatically show on electronic records. Appropriate records must be kept of all contact with children and their families/carers and a clear case summary and chronology should be maintained. a client chart is a continuing account of client’s health care status and need. Information sharing - Advice for practitioners providing safeguarding services to children, young people, parents and carers. First, let us define the words. While the focus must remain on a good outcome for the child, the record must reflect where and how this is being achieved through work with and support for parents and carers in their parenting role. In a descriptive research design, the researcher can choose to be either a complete observer, an observer as a participant, a participant as an observer, or a full participant. If professional judgements (or opinions) are accepted as facts then they can unduly influence the management of the case. Ensure that you see the child alone and record what the child says in their own words. Working with service users may on occasion give rise to the need to record a 'risk alert' on Care Director. Sharing of any individual and case information must be in accordance with the. It is to be valued as a positive aid to practice and giving a ‘voice’ to a vulnerable child. Using recording for analysis requires you to assess the weight of the information gathered and to do this you need to draw on your knowledge from research and practice together with an understanding of the child's needs. Adoption records refer to any records about a child. There is no requirement to print off and hold in the paper file such documents, or ICS documents unless the practitioner wishes to for taking to meetings or other purposes. The following sections outline the essential practice requirements for effective recording in Children and Families. All case workers are responsible for completing social work records in a way which is timely, comprehensive and of good quality and must therefore follow this policy. Particular responsibilities are: If you can always answer yes to all of these questions it is likely that you are already recording to a high quality and standard. If a member of staff attempts to access a restricted record inappropriately the ICS Helpdesk will contact the Head of Service for the area in which the record is based, who will ascertain if there has been an intention to breach confidentiality. Children and Families will always need to link to other policies, processes and procedures, e.g. Please see Protocol manual for how to close cases on Protocol. All sections are mandatory and apply to all staff who contribute to case records for individual children and young people. This is particularly important in paper records. These characteristics also have a direct influence on the types and distribution of aquatic biota. Where Ecomaps have been written on a separate document, they must be scanned and attached to the child’s Protocol record. It is an integral part of the process of achieving best outcomes for each child or young person receiving a social care service. Joint Protocol for parents with cognitive impairment; A co-ordinated approach with partner agencies and teams. The record is cumulative over time, is stored and can be retrieved and shared at any stage. Recording "The Munro Review of Child Protection". Managing, recording and interpreting case information is a skilled professional activity that both promotes and reflects quality practice. It is the responsibility of the child's allocated social worker to write up and maintain the chronology. The record enables clarity, reflection, communication, critical thinking, partnership working and sound decisions informed by evidence. To ensure that minutes of any meetings chaired outside of ICS processes are uploaded onto the child’s record; If I were “run over by a bus” would somebody reading this record quickly have a complete and vivid picture of this child or young person’s circumstances and be able to use the information to take suitable further action in the child’s interests? Direct quotations can be powerful in conveying meaning; Report writing for evidence. To represent an actor's participation in a system, a line is drawn between the actor and the use case. What are the main Characteristics of Observation Use of Senses . Related Posts. This is because subsequent records will have been written based on, or in the light of, that information and to remove it could render subsequent records incomprehensible. However the record must always keep focus on the needs and outcomes for the child; Outcomes. Characteristic # 1. Court Reports, Secure Panel paperwork, minutes of meeting held outside the ICS processes, letters etc. Examples of such records are those that relate to employees of the Children's Services or children who have been or who are in the process of being adopted. This is very important as the identity of families needs to be protected should a match not be agreed. Case notes are records of information and form a foundation for other core documents. It is important to have a voice artist who possesses a range of voice quality as different recordings will require various voice personality. If a person is known to pose a risk to children it can be recorded here by those with the appropriate level of access. Record significant information, using research and supervision to assist you in identifying what is and what isn't significant. This data is used for the Performance Management Framework meetings held monthly; Templates (i.e. Formalization at different levels is needed for computerized management of records. client and changes in mood and response. Desktop | Mobile | Responsive. In order order to achieve quality recording the records from referral to closure must follow these guidelines: A good case record is focused and written clearly, concisely and in neutral straightforward language to communicate the meaningful ‘story’, interventions and decision-making about a child or young person. The characteristics of effective learning are essential in the EYFS, but how can you look at these to reflect on a child's development? West Berkshire has a policy on 'Access to Files' which explains in detail the actions to be taken when a member of the public requests access to case records or a paper file. case. An outcome is expressed as the effect on the well-being of an action on the child or young person for instance “L will take K to her hospital appointments” (action) so that her epilepsy is controlled (consequence) and she can live a normal life for her age” (outcome). It will provide evidence that enables the reader to quickly understand the child’s full circumstances, needs and possible risk factors and the basis for decisions made with the reasons and the outcomes intended. Recording is an essential aspect of providing a social work service. The case record refers to. If there is a concern about an individual's safety; To prevent, detect or prosecute a serious crime.

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