Field stories, research summaries, and off- and weak-grid appliance market trends from Efficiency for Access, a global coalition working to … It is a catalyst for change, accelerating the growth of off-grid appliance markets to boost incomes, reduce carbon emissions, improve quality of life and support sustainable development. The Efficiency for Access Coalition, with funding from UK Aid, will invest into Research and Development (R&D) projects that lead to the acceleration of availability, affordability, efficiency and performance of a range of Low Energy Inclusive Appliances that are particularly suited to developing country contexts and promote social inclusion.. In the past two years, the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE), an Efficiency for Access Programme Partner, has been working to mainstream Cooling as … Efficiency for Access is a global coalition working to promote high performing appliances that contribute to clean energy access for the world’s poorest people. Follow. The funds are earmarked for the development of solar-powered technologies. To provide sustainable energy for all, we urgently need to enhance the affordability and efficiency of high performing appliances. From a system efficiency perspective, tablet receipt was associated with a decline in missed opportunities for mental health care. To deliver comprehensive, high-quality medical care for our patients with diabetes. This platform is available to students enrolled in the 2020-21 Efficiency for Access Design Challenge, as well as past participants. For vendor access management, remember efficiency is a key aspect that can be acheived with 3 processes: onboarding, IAM, and offboarding. With businesses becoming more globalized and workforces working remotely, there is an increased need for remote access solutions to aid in both efficiency, and security. To improve access and efficiency over the next 12 months by reducing cycle times, increasing access, and ensuring patient-physician continuity in an effort to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes. The Efficiency for Access Coalition is coordinated jointly by CLASP, an international appliance energy efficiency and market development specialist not … Efficiency for Access. The Efficiency for Access Coalition (EforA) will invest into Research and Development (R&D) projects that aim to accelerate the availability, affordability, efficiency and performance of a range of low energy inclusive appliances that are particularly suited to developing country contexts and … The Efficiency for Access Design Challenge is a global, multi-disciplinary competition that empowers teams of university students to help accelerate clean energy access. The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund has just allocated more than 3.75 million dollars to 20 start-ups, three of which are based in Africa. Unattended access, also known as unattended remote access, is a way of accessing devices remotely, even if the device is not being used. These findings demonstrate that providing access to a multipurpose technology, such as a tablet, can facilitate and enable the delivery of mental health services.

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